The KCMC Hospital

KCMC main entrance

KCMC entrance with theatre block behind

The A&E entrance with Kili in the background

Our bungalow on the compound

My bedroom with mosquito net

Lounge area for team talks

Pregnant lady at the main entrance

Two little boys at a clinic

Throughout this journey, we captured some great moments on camera. Please feel free to browse through our photo gallery to grasp the excitement and passion behind our book. And don’t hesitate to reach out if you’ve got any questions, comments, or suggestions. We’d love to hear from you.


The Theatre Area

Kondo operating with Liam in person

Liam holding the camera

Liam the photographer with a trainee

Liam and the monitor

Kondo operating with Sue and Liam on the the link

Liam (right) in Hexham talking to us via the link in KCMC (left)

The theatre preparation area

Nurses hijacking the link to talk to Lillian

Kondo and Liam operating, the preparation area. Nurses using the link and Liam in Hexham appearing on the link.


The ADSL lines and THE LINK system

The 1970 telephone exchange

The snake-come-ADSL lines coming through the window

Tim in Cambridge on the the link discussing improvements

Monitoring the link performance during live procedure

The preparation are which was my workshop

Kondo and I discussing the link's progress

Sue and I checking the stack

My studio in Hexham: the other end of the link

The ADSL lines and the snake. The link being prepared and in use.


Around KCMC

The dirt streets around the entrance for stalls and a bar

A street vendor frying chicken

The two girls in the bar by the main gate

A lady roasting sweetcorn

A happy boy selling bananas

A family selling bananas

A wonderful smiling lady selling her fruit

One of the jolly bar girls

A happy scene

Sue examining Daniel's leg

A shy fruit seller with her baby copying her

The stalls and bars near the hospital

The grilled goat restaurant

The grilled goat lunch with Brenda on logistics

Allen and Samuel from TTCL

The caged chefs grilling the goat

Thobias from TTCL

Ladies walking up the KCMC drive

The micro-economy around KCMC

Brenda with the omnipresent BBC camcorder

Boys selling bananas

The area around KCMC is a vibrant and busy place with food stalls and bars for the many visitors and staff


Around Moshi

A Maasai market

The indignant spice girl

The spice market

The fruit market

Moshi market

The internet cafe from Kindoroko roof bar

Ladies on their way to market

A lady carrying bananas for sale

Scrumptious fruit and vegetables

The sugar cane cyclist

A lady on a lane leading to KCMC

Peter Smith supporting the local enconomy

A Dala Dala

Banana sellers on the street

Roadside fruit stalls

Brightly coloured ladies

The road to Moshi

Welcome to the Capricorn Hotel


The Orphans

Elikia Urio

Me and two young boys


The last photo of Samuel

Children's drawings adorn the classroom walls

Clothes drying on the bushes

A local outside a house

The orphanage school kitchen

Children taking off their muddy shoes

An orphan writing her thank you letter

One of the teachers

Prayer time

Brenda and Sue meeting Samuel

A new construction under way

Brenda and Faustin in discussion

A happy orphan with a new sweater

Orphan boy with new rucksack

Orphan boy with new sweater

A teacher adjusting a rucksack

Teacher and child

Just completed the thank you note

A strapping lad with a new rucksack

A young teacher

Orphan seemingly pleased with his rucksack

Trying a jumper on for size

A good fit

A hopeful looking child

Another new rucksack

Teachers measuring up the children

Paying attention in class

Happy teachers looking on as gifts are distributed

Bags of maize for the foster parents

Selecting a new rucksack

The orphanage is run by Allen and his wife Agatha near Moshi in the foothills of Kilimanjaro.


The Team

(Clockwise): Lynda, Peter, Kerry, Brenda, Sue and me

Lynda and Peter on the beer

My lovely ladies Brenda and Sue

Peter and Kerry

Francis Mabula from TTCL, Sue and I checking out the menu

TTCL team dinner with the Northumbria team

Lynda and Brenda

Sue and me with Faustin at his lodge's bar

Liam and me on the roof bar of the Kindoroko Hotel

TTCL dinner at the Impala

Me with Hans and his wife

My birthday party

Me in the Dashiki shirt

Team dinner at Faustin's lodge

The team collecting the British Medical Journal Award

THE LINK team dinners were essential team-building events and a great way to learn about Tanzania and its amazing culture


The orphans on their first day out to the Indian Ocean in their new minibus.

Young boy on the beach, his first time

Kids enjoying a huge floating ring

The first time the children had seen the sea

All the children crammed into the minibus with their huge thank you note

Going to the seaside

The touching thank you note

Photo shot before leaving

Relaxing in the sun

Older girls pose for a group photo

young girl enjoying her first swim

Agatha in the water with the children


The orphans' picnic in Arusha National Park

The new minibus from the Cambridge "Friends of Kilimanjaro Orphans"

The children arriving to meet us in a second truck

The second truck borrowed for the safari

Allen in quite contemplation

Faustin deep in thought

Flamingos on the lake

Parked up ready for the picnic

Agatha and a teacher preparing lunch

The children ready to eat

I returned a few years later to take the orphans to Arusha - it was a wonderful day out.


The Safari

Nala (Sue)

A Blue Monkey (Rafiki Faustin)

Pumbaa - me

My new safari hat

Ngorongoro crater from the rim

Maasai boy running to catch up

Rewarding the bot with some purchases

Faustin bodyguarding Sue as she snaps away

Mto wa Mbu roadside artists

Batik style painting

Sue overlooking Tarangire river

A Maasai market en route

Faustin's safari truck

Faustin and I at the hippo lake

Flamingos and zebras at the rain water lake

Sue and Faustin

The dried up Tarangire river

Ngorongoro crater

Giraffe in Lake Manyara

Hippos in Lake Manyara

Elephant in Lake Manyara

Young elephant and her mum

Sue taking in the view at the lake in Ngorongoro

A gurning Zebra

The Masika rains had turned the crater floor green and teeming with wild flowers

The crater resembling Kent after the rains


The Maasai tend to their animals inside the crater with all the other animals, including lions

Sue taking safari snaps

The elephant family where the mum was not best pleased with us


A huffy Buffalo

Sue getting a close encounter

Being eyeballed by a large male elephant is not a good thing

Me at the hippo pool

New born wildebeest

Our palatial tent

Rutting wildebeest

My first ever safari with Sue. A trip of a lifetime and an unforgettable experience.