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Thank you for visiting the web pages for THE LINK.

A true story that chronicles how an engineer becomes a reluctant traveller when he is recruited to visit Tanzania to help with a humanitarian charity project to improve surgery in East Africa. From the day that he arrives and joins up with the rest of the team, the engineer embarks on an incredible adventure; a journey of discovery through an Africa that is normally invisible to the tourist. During numerous visits, he encounters danger, sadness, poverty, fun and laughter.  As the story progresses, the engineer gradually immerses himself deeper and deeper into the culture of Tanzania, falling in love with the country and the people and coming to admire their indomitable fighting spirit of hope and endurance that he sees everywhere around him. Initially feeling hopeless and alone, the Tanzanian people themselves rally behind him, offering their unwavering help and support to drive the project forward in the face of seemingly impossible technical challenges. For them, failure is never considered an option, and they are absolutely committed to taking this chance to improve conditions for their own people.  Unlike any other history of Tanzania, this is a story of East Africa from the inside out - the real Tanzania, where the struggle for life is an everyday challenge yet the people remain full of hope and ready to enjoy every happy moment to the full.

The project at the heart of this adventure garnered significant international recognition for its efficient use of limited funds in making a sustainable difference to East African healthcare. Winner of the British Medical Journal 'Karen Woo Surgical Team' Award in 2014 and African Healthcare Week Award for 'Most Innovative Outreach Project' in 2018.

On this website you can find many photographs relating to the book and it is a place for readers to share comments and post questions. I hope you enjoy it!

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